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Organizing an event? Want to try shooting as a sport?

Thank you for your interest in shooting at Copenhagen Shooting Center. 
We provide ranges for the police and military as well as for shooting clubs, hunters and other individuals who already have gun license(s).

Thus we possess neither guns nor instructor capacity, but we hope the information below will help you. 

If you are organizing an event like a company event or a bachelor party, the event organizers below use our ranges: 
Gunsport.dk (website in english)
Shooting sports 
If you're interested in shooting as a sport, you could contact one of the clubs, who uses our ranges on a regular basis : 


Scroll down to the headline ”Foreninger”.

We hope you'll find a club from the list, who focus on the kind of shooting, you're interested in.

 You're welcome to send us an e-mail if you have any further questions: ksc@kbh-skyttecenter.dk